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One hot summer day in Chicago, I had an urge for a little taste of ice cream and a little taste of cake, but didn’t want to buy an entire ice cream cake. So I started looking for ice cream cupcakes but couldn’t find them.

I figured, “I’m a baker – I should do it myself.” But after searching the Internet and kitchen stores, I couldn’t find any baking tools that made indentations in cupcakes without wasting a bunch of the cupcake. That’s when I decided to design my own baking tool and muffinmeal was born.

Once I realized the potential of this product, there was no limit on what I could create. I filled muffins with fresh fruit, pie filling, custard, pudding and mousse. And that was only the beginning! From there I used different bread options: muffin mix, corn meal, biscuit mix, gluten-free and vegan. There seemed to be no end to the combinations. I really could fill it with my imagination.


Create your own tasty treats by following these simple steps!

Place bases in muffin/cupcake pan.

Slide paper cup liners onto serrated rods.

Spoon your favorite cake batter or bread dough into the paper cups.

Spray outside of cups with non-stick spray. Line up straight edges of cup and base and slide down to desired height. Twist to lock in place.

Bake according to recipe instructions and let cool.

To remove, grab base and turn cup to line up straight edges and slide off.